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Momento Por favor

Posted by wondersnevercease on December 31, 2009 at 6:48 AM

Well howdy. This website was inspired/conceived/started/created in no small degree by Emily Taggart. She had the great idea of trying to pull all my various dislocated antics together in a digital form. The blog is me butting in for a moment(o)

It’s the end of the digital age so what better time to make a Momento from A digital Age available free for download. I was inspired to dothis when I listened to one of the tracks “You Are Here” on my new listeningcontraption. It plugs in my I pod and sends a signal via the induction loop tomy hearing aids. This decade has seen me confront the demons of my hearing lossas my left ear decided to pack up almost completely. That is what comes oftelling the Times that you really are going deaf and they hang the article onit. The pay off was being called the future of rock and roll.

Momento from a Digital Age began as two tracks I recordedwith Jyoti White Town Mishra. He is a big fan of off kilter pop and we met at aDavid Devant concert. It was Jyoti that commented on he transcendental natureof a Devant show. I wrote to lyrics of going to London on the way to his housein Derby. The next track Germaine Greer was recorded when he had moved toNorwich. I actually did see Germaine Greer at the traffic lights and then heardher give an interview at GLR.

So in my inimitable dislocated way this is my Momento of aDigital Age. The album by Carfax. Carfax takes its name from the centre ofHorsham where the last public hanging took place. Going To London is theobvious single the others are the sound of a man coming to terms with havingstood inert while his publicist told the head of radio one that he was a bitlike Dame Edna Everidge “you know different characters”.

Just click on the Song Titles to download the tunes but remember I sometimes can't stick to one name…

Kisses With Love In Them

Germaine Greer

Seek Assistance To the Path of Least Resistance

Full of Love

Going To London

Keep Me

You Are Here

Lowest of The low

Window Box

Lunar Man

English Fool

So So Sci-Fi












































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Reply humanant
7:42 PM on March 6, 2010 
Halo Mr Vesolo,
Great fan of ya stuff. Been trying to locate this album for some time and having found it the links are dead! Any chance you could renew them and bring a little ray of sunshine into me life?
Love The Man From Hustler
Reply the vessel
11:13 AM on March 23, 2010 
Okay i'm on to it x
Reply humanant
5:38 PM on March 30, 2010 
You truly are a vessel of kindness.
Thank ye immensely dear sir!
Great album - another lost gem waiting to be unearthed. Don't give up the Glam rock revolution!!!
Love The-Man-From-Hustler